Hooghoudt Kalmoes Cola

Hooghoudt Kalmoes Cola

Hooghoudt Kalmoes Cola 
Kalmoes Beerenburg, Cola & Lemon  

Our iconic Beerenburg amplified with cola’s pop-culture sweetness. When Hero Jan Junior distilled this bad-boy Beerenburg with 77 natural herbs back in 1973, he set out to revolutionize Beerenburg. Now it’s a sophisticated modern classic.

Serve chilled.

Alcoholic mixed drink with Kalmoes Beerenburg, Cola and a pinch of fresh lemon


Alc. 7% Vol.


Perfect Serve
  • Sip cool from the can or serve on ice
Tasting notes
  • Carbonated water
  • Holland Gin - RAW Genever
  • Strawberry
  • Basil
  • Rose
Serving temperature: 5 graden
Alcohol: 5%
Volume: 250ml

18 years or