Zero Zero 24

Zero Zero 24

Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 is an ode to those moments without alcohol – moments that deserve an extra layer of taste, experience and reward. At the same time, Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 is also an ode to our own Rijke Jenever Nr. 24, a recipe created three generations ago using what was for the time an unusual blend of botanicals and sophisticated distilling techniques. We discovered that Nr. 24 lends itself particularly well to non-alcoholic consumption for both passionate teetotalers and connoisseurs.

Our Zero Zero 24 is best combined with sparkling water or tonic, which bring to life the juniper berry and lavender flavors – with a hint of elderflower. This authentic 2nd generation Hooghoudt recipe has been crafted without alcohol and a good amount of Groningen sobriety.

In 2020 Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 won a silver medal during the London Spirits Competition.

Tasting Notes
Aroma: the floral lavender andith citrus tones combine well with the fruity accent of juniper berries. The smell is reminiscent of a hot summer day.
Flavor: floral and herbal accents balance beautifully with the bitter taste of tonic to create a truly refreshing beverage. Both juicy and thirst-quenching, it captures that vacation feeling in a glass.

What makes Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 unique?

  • Each herb is individually distilled in copper kettles to create a pure flavor and aroma.
  • Distillates are blended according to their specific aromas and flavors, with lavender and juniper berry setting the tone.
  • The distillates are so overpowering that they distill easily in a way that calls out their distinct flavors and aromas.
  • The recipe is based on Ludolf Wietse Hooghoudt’s authentic Rijke Jenever (Rich Genever) No. 24. We adapted it to be non-alcoholic.
  • Our high-quality non-alcoholic beverage is precisely on trend and is best sipped with tonic or sparkling water


Tasting notes
  • Juniper berry
  • Lavender
  • Elderflower
Serving temperature: 15 degrees Celsius
Alcohol: -
Volume: 700ml