• Hooghoudt

    The Hooghoudt portfolio consists of genevers, fruit genevers, herbal bitters, liquors, cordials of the highest quality. The first products in this line were developments in 1888 in a small basement. The distillery has been expanding ever since and has taken the capture of new flavours to a whole new level. Besides the traditional genevers, new ones are being developed including the Premium Jenever and Brown Jenever.

  • De Borgen

    De Borgen translates 400 years of craftsmanship and knowledge into the distillation process of today. What used to be know as Holland Gin the world over, is now jenever. A historic jenever. Based on genuine recipes and heritage. The jenevers are handmade in small quantities; everything is done in-house. A combination of craftsmanship, innovation distillation techniques, a grand history and the hand of the master distiller come together to create the finest and most exclusive products.

    Borgen Distillery
  • Royalty

    Family distillery Hooghoudt produces vodka under the brand name Royalty. Royalty is the regal Dutch vodka and flavoured vodka drink range with a rebellious character in the distinctive royal bottle. Based on 125 years of distilling experience and contemporary knowledge of modern techniques. Smooth, pure and full of taste, made with skill and expertise.

  • El Picu

    ElPicu is Hooghoudt’s liquor range, including liquorettes with a variety of summer flavours. An affordable and exotic drink with accessible flavours which can be drunk on their own or mixed in a great cocktail. A headstrong drink, ElPicu is packaged in a summery manner and popular amongst a younger yet discerning crowd who favour a good balance between price and quality.

    El Picu
  • Willy Hootch

    Willy Hootch is the range that takes a nod at Moonshine, the home- made illegal alcohol, and is 50% proof, distilled from corn and made with pure water, giving it a smooth yet impressive flavour.

    Willy Hootch

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