Spin the bottle

Spin the bottle


Let the bottle do the talking

Our bottle combines our rich heritage with a discrete confidence of an iconic brand. Linear in form but rounded at the edges, the design is modelled after the historic bottles used for Holland Gin when exported to America. The bottle features details authentic to the Hooghoudt brand, including Hero Jan Hooghoudt’s signature.

We tell genever’s multi-faceted story through fun and recognizable icons. Like genever itself, the descriptive possibilities of these icons are infinite.


Icon descriptions

= The Hooghoudt logo: our rich family history dates back more than 130 years to 1888.

= Lips signify the deep rich flavors of our genever and the passion with which it is made and enjoyed.

= A broken glass warns of the dark side of alcohol when not drunk with moderation.

= The Joker represents the wild side in each one of us. After all, we’re all just want to be free and interact with the people we like and love.

= Juniper berries: the namesake of our drink and a berry with a very impressive history, indeed.

= The Familie Distilleerderij Hooghoudt was founded in 1888 in a small basement on Oosterstraat in the center of Groningen, Holland’s norther-most city. A year to remember.


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