Sober is the new cool

Sober is the new cool


Zero Zero 24, our first ever non-alcoholic spirit. The herb distillate contains a mix of juniper, elderflower and lavender and pays tribute to Rijke Jenever No 24 - a legendary recipe produced in 1914. Zero Zero 24 is positioned to meet the ever-increasing demand for high quality virgin cocktails, driven by changing attitudes towards alcohol.

Arno Donkersloot, Managing Director at Hooghoudt, says: ‘Consumers have changed, but our industry has been slow to recognize this. I believe that with the launch of this product Hooghoudt will leapfrogged the industry and is ready to cater to people that don’t want to drink for whatever reason, but refuse to compromise. Zero Zero 24 allows these folks to enjoy the best of the best and it opens doors to introduce ourselves to an audience that we would normally not have connected with.’ 

The launch of Zero Zero 24 follows our recent rebrand and launch of RAW Genever and Aged Genever 5 years. The new line up repositions Hooghoudt as a mixer and the rightful competitor of whiskey and gin - both derivatives of genever. Zero Zero 24 is enjoyed mixed with tonic or soda water.

The thing that makes me most proud to be leading this amazing operation is that we innovate while always respecting our past. This allows us to create something entirely new that finds its roots in a product made by my grandfather. It’s incredibly exciting for us to speak to a whole new generation of Hooghoudt consumers and we can’t wait to continue this journey for many more generations to come’, says Bert Hooghoudt, the fourth generation at the helm of the family business.

The initial response to Zero Zero 24 after its debut on European trade shows has been positive with large orders from several international markets.