RAW & Aged

RAW & Aged


RAW & Aged Genever 

After two years of experimenting and soul searching, we managed to breathe new life into one of the country's most iconic distillates. Our new products, RAW Genever, and Aged Genever 5 years place genever and Hooghoudt firmly back in the cocktail world - where they had a foothold at the beginning of the last century in pre-prohibition America.

RAW Genever and Aged Genever 5 years were created based on consumer's taste profiles, as opposed to existing categories. RAW Genever is the first 100% malt spirit that can be mixed with tonic but also enjoyed straight. Aged Genever 5 years is aged in Oloroso first-fill sherry casks and caters to genever connoisseurs but is simultaneously able to draw whisky drinkers into the world of genever.

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