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Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever

Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever


Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever 

Young adults are particularly keen to explore new alcohol styles and tastes. We created our Sweet Spiced Genever specifically for them. A contemporary genever like no other, a unique innovation from Hooghoudt’s master distiller. An age-old Holland genever full of juniper berries, spices and appealing candy with authentic undertones of vanilla, cinnamon, liquorice, mace and coriander seed. Electrifying when sipped pure, extremely refreshing when mixed in ginger ale.

As with tea, the grain alcohol of our Sweet Spiced Genever contains all the luscious extracts from fruits and herbs, such as mace, grapefruit and apricot. Distilled using 100% natural ingredients, our Sweet Spiced Genever reinvents genever for today while holding on to everything that makes genever great. Because even as we blaze new genever trails, we openly celebrate our traditions. As times change, so will we. Hooghoudt has deep respect for the past, but our Sweet Spiced Genever is proof that we are actively innovating for the future. 

Our rich and sultry Sweet Spiced Genever is ideal in the mix, especially with Ginger Ale. We call this drink the Dirty Genever.

18 years or