Hooghoudt launches hard seltzers under its own brand

Hooghoudt launches hard seltzers under its own brand



Where Hard Seltzers are in almost all cases made on the basis of simple fermented maize or rice, Hooghoudt is the first Dutch distillery to make Hard Seltzers with high-quality copper-fired Holland Gin, which is combined with the taste of real distilled fruit and botanicals. In this way Hooghoudt has created a line of its own original flavors within the Hard Seltzer category. The starting point here was the taste of the Dutch consumer, which - as Hooghoudt knows after 132 years - is significantly different from, for example, that in the United States.

Where the foreign Hard Seltzers are characterized by a hard, often simple taste with a lot of carbon dioxide, Hooghoudt opts for softer, real flavors. This makes the Hard Seltzer fresh and accessible, but less sweet and you can taste the complexity of real fruit and botanicals. The three Hard Seltzers introduced to the Dutch market by Hooghoudt are Strawberry & Basil, Mango & Chili, and Watermelon & Mint.

Arno Donkersloot, Managing Director of Hooghoudt says: “Thanks to millennials, the market share of Hard Seltzers in the United States has grown at a rapid pace. Consumers are more aware and more concerned with what they eat and drink. Drinks with natural ingredients and that are low in calories are in high demand. Hooghoudt's Hard Seltzers have been specially developed with this in mind without compromising on taste.”

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