Hooghoudt Aged 6, progressive, outspoken, and accessible

Hooghoudt Aged 6, progressive, outspoken, and accessible


Local tastemakers, Hooghoudt, has been passionate about extracting flavours, colors and scents from nature for many years. In case of a new Aged 6, Hooghoudt uses distilled raspberries, fermented grapes and cocoa, but this new genever also has hand-picked juniper berries from our own soil! And this special blend of botanicals can now be tasted for the first time in a 100% malt wine that has matured for 6 years in Oloroso barrels.


Because juniper has been a protected tree species in the Netherlands for years, it was forbidden to use it for a long time. Actually, all juniper berries for Jenever and Gin used to be exported from abroad. After years of preparation together with the Jeneverbesgilde from Drenthe , last year the population was large enough for the first time to pick and distill juniper together again. In the Aged 6, this special distillate is used for the first time.

Martijn Keesmaat, Commercial Director of Hooghoudt says: “As a family distillery we have been connecting generations for 134 years, traditional with progressive, pronounced with accessible. All these elements are reflected in the Aged 6: An aged jenever of 100% malt wine with the typical richness of aging in good Oloroso barrels and at the same time the playfulness of fresh summer fruit and cocoa. The synergy between the two is unique and makes the Aged 6 one of the tastiest and lively lagered jenevers that are currently available. The fact that, after years of preparation, we have now been able to use hand-picked juniper berries from the Netherlands for the first time, makes it a very special bottle.”


Perfect balance of lots of fresh summer fruit, sweet ripe scents and characteristic sherry notes. Raspberry, currants/raisins, vanilla, and a hint of Brazilian coffee beans combined with roasted almonds and cocoa. All is complemented by a refreshing juniper berry and floral notes of elderflower. Spanish oak and the full tones of Sherry Oloroso bring the whole together. After a short rest in the glass, the scent of beeswax emerges in combination with some spiciness. 


Velvety soft, filmy, and perfectly balanced. It is a sultry dance in which many different flavors follow each other. The warm Sherry Oloroso notes with currants and raisins in a combination with vanilla come first, followed by a hint of blue agave. Then forest fruits, especially raspberry, roasted coffee beans and cocoa. A black pepper tops it all off. In the aftertaste you will feel a Spanish oak, vanilla and roasted almond accompanied by cocoa. A fantastic interplay between warm sweet tones, fresh summer fruit, wood and nuts.  

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