Across the borders of bourbon, peated and oloroso

Across the borders of bourbon, peated and oloroso


With the Blended series we show our vision on three popular whiskey categories: Bourbon, Peated and Oloroso. They are blends of copper-fired malt wine and grain distillate. Each has matured for at least three years in oak barrels. The three individual flavors are enhanced with their own distilled botanicals such as Amarena cherry, honey, Spanish orange, ginger, and cocoa.

The Bourbon, Oloroso and Peated are aimed directly for a modern whiskey enthusiast. The Hooghoudt Blended series balances between soft complexity and raw tenderness. In addition, each variant is enriched by its own unique blend of distilled botanicals. With this we open a completely new taste world for whiskey connoisseurs, jenever lovers, and new discoverers - break old habits, drink new ones.

Martijn Keesmaat, marketing director at Hooghoudt: “It is great to be responsible for development of a product at the intersection of whiskey and jenever. The possibilities that botanicals offer here are endless and have the future. We are looking forward to surprising modern whiskey and gin lovers with our new Blended series.”

The world of whiskey is characterized by traditions and often strict rules. These give the products their story and character, but because of this, distilleries are often limited in the development of new flavors. The world of gin is no different, except for one thing: the art of distilling and blending botanicals. This allows to create unique new flavors.


The base liquid has a full-sweet light spicy notes of Bourbon. These are fortified with distillates of honey and caramel. Added to this is a fruity twist of Spanish orange peel, juniper berries and a hint of mint. This makes the bourbon very suitable for drinking neat, but the full flavors also work well in a mix with cola and a lime. 



This old gin has been in ex-oloroso barrels for three years. The liquid is full of red Mediterranean fruits and roasted nuts. These flavors come into their own with the addition of Amarena cherry, vanilla and juniper berries. A slightly spicy blend of distilled Madagascar cloves and coriander complete the liquid. Both delicious, neat and in the mix with Ginger Ale.


As the most unusual blend of the three, Peated is smoky but fresh. On the one hand, a mouth full of smoke complemented by the fruity freshness of distilled ginger, lemon zest and juniper. On the other hand, the character of cocoa and roasted coffee beans. A sleek drink for new generations. The smoky freshness is well reflected in a combination with, for example, cola. A lemon completes this mix. 


Our Hooghoudt Blended series is now available at selected liquor stores throughout the Netherlands. Make sure to ask your favorite liquor store. 

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