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About us

About us

The Hooghoudt family has been working its tail off to distill complex and progressive genevers for over 130 years. Using recipes passed down for five generations as well as experimenting with unorthodox new blends, we like to think we combine the audacity of a pioneer with the obsessiveness of a Dutch genever dynasty. 100% natural, 100% audacious.

Since 1888 we have been passionately distilling genever without a whole lot of shortcuts or compromises. Which isn’t surprising, as our hometown of Groningen is renowned in the Netherlands for its stubbornness and precision. Impervious to outside influences, we have a master distiller’s understanding of natural botanical, distill traditional style using copper kettles and continually experiment with geographically protected herbs and grains.

Few people know the story of genever, and even fewer know its place in history. As one of the world’s most devout genever distillers, we feel it’s our responsibility to tell it through our unique recipes, our bottles and our family of charismatic genevers. So without further ado, meet the family.

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