Our distiller

To capture the right flavours is an art. Master distiller Frank Leystra creates flavours which bring together tradition and innovation.

"Every ingredient has its own processing method. Every herb has its own particular distilling or extraction process, alcohol is filtered over coals and malt wine is made smoother by storing it in wood barrels. At times it is a real challenge. For our Premium Jenever, for instance, we use raw, unheated moorland honey. This has a very strong and unique flavour but is difficult to obtain and to process. Ultimately, we found a special way to stabilise the honey in this jenever without the need to heat it first."

Frank is also at the helm when developing private label products. Every product has its own requirements. The processes are similar but the ingredients used are different. The customers are different. The properties of each ingredient are different. Every new idea is built from the base up.


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