About Hooghoudt

At Hooghoudt it is all about the stories of how flavours, fragrances and colours originate. Every product is the result of a quest for unique riches. For over 125 years and all handmade. Hooghoudt drinks are drinks of the moment with all the goodness of yesteryear. Traditions are there to be cherished yet times change and so do people and their preferences. Hooghoudt relishes such changes and continues to innovate together with its staff, entrepreneurs and a range of talented people, respecting the past but with an eye to the future.

We are immensely proud that Hooghoudt has been entrusted to create ground-breaking flavours in the food and drink industry for many leading brands. With over 125 years of distillery experience, new insights and technologies and unwavering dedication to meet the needs of every customer, it is a trust well-founded. It is this mix of tradition and modernisation which makes Hooghoudt so special.


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